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Cannabis Farmers Team Up for 'Crypto-Exclusive Cannabis Community'

Emerald Road is designed as a virtual bazaar-like marketplace.

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A group of California cannabis farmers, led by legacy farmer and entrepreneur Justin Calvino, are coming together to build Emerald Road, a crypto-exclusive digital cannabis community.

The e-commerce platform will connect farmers directly with customers through a suite of purchasing and marketing tools, content and education and community-building experiences, all powered on the blockchain. Designed as a virtual bazaar-like marketplace, Emerald Road will allow consumers to connect with, learn from, virtually visit and purchase directly from farms.

"Emerald Road is about solving a problem and that solution just happens to be Web3," said Calvino. "Legacy platforms are not embracing emerging technologies and currently, there is no central hub for canna-culture and canna-curious consumers to connect, socialize, learn, transact, and be entertained, not to mention the restrictions on cannabis advertising. In addition, small farmers don't have the capital to market themselves on a broad scale like the bigger companies do. Emerald Road is the solution for all of those problems."

Emerald Road will let users interact with brands and other members to ask questions, take virtual farm tours, obtain exclusive products, participate in member-only experiences and buy discounted products. Membership to Emerald Road is free for legacy members.

When launched in Q3 2022, the Emerald Road Utility Token will be used to purchase goods, services, and experiences throughout the Emerald Road ecosystem. A next-generation wallet will facilitate consumer and business transactions, allowing for seamless transfers from fiat currency to the Emerald Road Token and back again.

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