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Kind LED Claims 10% Cannabinoid Boost with Lighting System

To meet increased demand for medical cannabis, the founders converted their grow space.

Grow Strong Industries Zen Medicine
Zen Medicine

Executives of combination medical marijuana dispensary and indoor cannabis growing operation Zen Medicine found that using Kind LED X2 grow lights in their indoor commercial cannabis farm increased cannabinoids in harvests by up to 10%.

Founded by William Conner and Brian Porter in 2017, Zen Medicine specializes in both growing medical cannabis and selling it in their MT licensed dispensary. After starting their indoor plots with high pressure sodium grow lights, the founders were ready to experiment with LEDs and find the best cannabis grow light once their business expanded.

To meet increased demand for medical cannabis, the founders converted their grow space, layering specialized Kind X2 LED grow lights for cannabis vertical production on top of each other in between shelving to make use of their industrial basement's vertical space.

After running an experiment with Kind LED's X2 and three other lights, the Kind LED won out as the best cannabis LED grow light for commercial growing once the results were in. Plant structural integrity increased under the X2s, according to Porter. "The coverage is by far phenomenal; our stalks are thicker than they've ever been." 

"All the cannabinoids, THC, CBN, CBGs, all that stuff across the board in our different genetics, they've all gone up. We've had strains that tested at 24% now testing at 30, 32, 34%. The terpenes have come up 3, 4, 5 percent," said Conner.

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