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Phinest to Open First Dedicated Cannabis Breeding Center

In addition to breeding, the new facility will provide space for Phinest to propagate vegetative clones.

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Phinest Cannabis, a provider of cannabis tissue culture clones and operator, today announced plans to expand its breeding, seed production and clone production capabilities, to satisfy increasing demand from California cultivators.

This fall, the company is set to open its first dedicated breeding center. Located in Sacramento, the facility will enable Phinest to significantly broaden its phenohunting and seed production capabilities and will provide space to work with other leading breeders.

In addition to breeding, the new facility will provide space for Phinest to propagate vegetative clones.

Beyond the expansion of its breeding and commercial nursery capabilities, Phinest also announced changes to its retail branded product programs.

Due to the slowdown in retail dispensary sales statewide, Phinest is shifting from a traditional distribution strategy where its packaged cannabis flower, pre rolls, concentrates and edibles are always available in more than 100 stores across California—to a pop-up retail model, according to Fred Barnum, CEO of Phinest Cannabis:

"Phinest was named one of the top five cannabis brands of the year in 2021 by High Times. We have a large, loyal following and it's extremely important for us to continue exciting and delighting our customers. By pursuing a pop-up retail strategy, we will make our newest and most exciting genetics available to our true fans, but in limited quantities and for a very limited time through a handful of retail partners, announced exclusively via our social media platforms where we have >90k followers. This allows us to keep our customer connection strong while avoiding the devastating financial losses currently being suffered by other packaged goods brands as they fight for survival in a constricting retail environment," he said.

Further reinforcing its strategic focus on the wholesale nursery channel, Phinest Cannabis recently announced the opening of North America's largest cannabis tissue culture nursery in Sacramento, CA. Developed at a cost of more than $12 million by GCI-Green Capital Investments, the parent company of Phinest Cannabis, the 40,000 square foot facility is capable of generating 18 million fully-rooted tissue culture cannabis clones per year.

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