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Digital Lighting Controller

Give your plants the critical light cycles they require for maximum production.

Hawthorne’s Sun System 1 Etelligent digital lighting controller enables growers to control up to 400 fixtures.

The system features an industry-first ability to control both the Sun System 1 1000-Watt and Sun System 1 LEC 315-Watt Etelligent ballasts with the same controller operating on separate channels.

This two-channel controller allows daisy-chaining up to 200 fixtures per zone, enabling complete control of your growing environment with timed on/off switching, sunrise/sunset, accurate temperature readings with dual thermal probes and thermal-threshold auto dim-shutdown for additional protection.

The complete kit includes one Etelligent Controller, one universal power adapter 5-foot/1.5-meter cable, two 16-foot/5-meter signal wires with ferrites for connection from controller to ballast, and two 16-foot/5-meter temperature probes.

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