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Source Water Treatment Systems for Cannabis Cultivation

By purifying water prior to irrigation, feed formulas are more consistent.

In this interview, Sara Schoenhals, sales representative with HydroLogic Purification Systems discusses source water treatment systems for cannabis cultivation operations.

By purifying water prior to irrigation, feed formulas are more consistent because the water quality variable has been eliminated. 

HydroLogic designs systems for city and well water treatment. Because water quality fluctuates throughout the year, purifying it not only ensures top quality, however, when managing multiple cultivation operations in various locations, theses systems make sure that each operation is using the same water. 

The company also has expertise in developing wastewater treatment plans as well as water reclamation systems.

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Cannabis Business Summit & Expo is presented by the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). More than 10,000 attendees visited 400 exhibitors and heard from 150 speakers at the show, and everyone was talking cannabis regulation, legalization and manufacturing.

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