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Pervasip Acquires Slurped in Bid to Enter Nano Emulsification Market

This technology allows CBD to be absorbed more efficiently by the body.

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Pervasip has acquired Slurped, a nano tincture brand, and establishing Artizen Nano, focused on the development of nano emulsified products.

Artizen Nano will develop various products for the cannabis and non-cannabis markets. Nano emulsification is a process that produces nano-sized droplets of one liquid suspended within another liquid using an emulsifying agent. The resulting emulsion has a high surface area-to-volume ratio, which makes it ideal for use in a variety of applications, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverage, and industrial applications.

In addition to pharmaceuticals and personal care, the food and beverage industry is expected to be a significant contributor to the nano emulsification market's growth. Nanoemulsions can be used to improve the texture, stability, and shelf life of food and beverage products, which is becoming increasingly important as consumers demand more natural and healthier products. Nano-emulsification is also being used in the wellness market due to its potential health benefits. Nanoemulsions can improve the bioavailability and absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and supplements, making them more effective in promoting overall health and wellness. Nanoemulsified CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular in the wellness market due to its high bioavailability and fast-acting effects.

This technology allows CBD to be absorbed more efficiently by the body, providing a more effective and consistent dose of the compound. Nano-emulsification can also be used to create more stable and effective essential oil products. The technology allows for essential oils to be more easily absorbed by the body, providing therapeutic benefits such as relaxation, stress relief, and improved sleep.

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