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3CHI Claims Isolation of Over 99% Pure Delta-8 THC

The company said its advancement advances consumer safety and quality assurance for hemp-derived products.

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3CHI said it has isolated delta 8 THC to purities exceeding 99%. It said the breakthrough establishes 3CHI as the manufacturer of the world's top three purest hemp-derived Delta 8 oils, including Gold Delta 8 (95% purity) and Reserve Delta 8 (91%).

Furthermore, 3CHI's innovative production method allows the identification of all compounds at scale, ensuring the presence of only known cannabinoids and consistently controlled concentrations. The company said its advancement advances consumer safety and quality assurance for hemp-derived products.

Delta 8 THC, a more functional counterpart to delta 9 THC found in marijuana, has seen increased popularity due to its distinctive properties and potential benefits. Until now, attaining high purity levels and comprehensive knowledge of all compounds in delta 8 THC products has been a difficult endeavor. 3CHI's breakthrough revolutionizes the industry, offering consumers unparalleled safety and transparency.

This milestone achievement brings forth several key advantages:

  1. Consumer safety: By isolating delta 8 THC to purities over 99% and identifying all compounds at scale, 3CHI establishes a new benchmark for consumer safety. Users can now experience delta 8 THC's benefits with the assurance of using a product that has undergone stringent testing and verification for purity and safety.
  2. Product quality: 3CHI's advancement in delta 8 THC purity and compound identification guarantees its products adhere to the highest quality standards. This unwavering commitment to excellence ensures customers can rely on 3CHI to consistently deliver superior cannabinoid products that meet their needs and expectations.
  3. Industry standards: 3CHI's success in delta 8 THC purity and compound identification sets a new precedent for the entire cannabis industry. By proving that such remarkable purity and safety levels can be achieved, 3CHI inspires other manufacturers to strive for the same excellence, fostering continuous improvement and innovation across the sector.
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