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Astrotech Launches Process Control System for Cannabinoid Oil Distillation Systems

MVPTM can provide up to 20 tests per hour and ensure optimal continuous processing.

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Astrotech and its wholly owned subsidiary, AgLAB, Inc., announce the presentation of the AgLAB Maximum Value Process at MJBizCon. It's process control system that can help to increase the potency of ending-weight yields and increase revenue by an average of 32%. MVPTM uses AgLAB’s proprietary mass spectrometer and testing method to provide real-time data and feedback, allowing distillers to adjust the parameters (temperature, feed-rate, pressure) and optimize the quality and quantity of each batch of oil.

MVPTM can provide up to 20 tests per hour and ensure optimal continuous processing. MVPTM is compatible with any of the thin-film, short-path, Molecular Distillation Systems (MDS) operating under high vacuum. MDS vacuum systems introduce challenges such as vacuum leaks leading to variations in pressures and temperatures, which can result in losses of 20% to 55% in revenue. MVPTM solves these challenges by providing a quick and easy test that recovers these losses and delivers higher potencies, better color, and an average of 32% increase in yield.

“We are proud to introduce the AgLAB MVPTM, a breakthrough technology that is more accurate and faster than the HPLC. The AgLAB MVPTM is very easy to learn and use and has proven to more than pay for itself starting on the first day of use. We believe this is a game changer for the cannabinoid industry and that all cannabinoid processors will need AgLAB MVPTM to stay competitive,” said Tom Pickens, CEO/CTO of Astrotech.

MVPTM will be showcased at the AgLAB Booth, Nov. 28 to Dec. 1, 2023, at MJBizCon.

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