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Agrify Enters Hydrocarbon Extraction Lab & Vertical Farming Unit Facility

Ocean Deep is also expected to begin operation with an estimated 120 Vertical Farming Units.

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Agrify said it has entered into a multi-million dollar sales agreementwith Ocean Deep/Golden Lake Business Park, a California-based vertically integrated cannabis operator. Ocean Deep will be extracting products with Agrify’s PX30 Hydrocarbon Extraction Lab Package to bolster its product offerings.

Ocean Deep is also expected to begin operation with an estimated 120 Vertical Farming Units (VFUs) sold by the company to produce cannabis flower in 2024.

The PX30 Hydrocarbon Extraction System is the largest system of Agrify’s PX-series. The PX30’s four 7.5 lbs. material columns can be run in parallel, allowing a complete 30-pound batch cycle in under 60 minutes, and making it one of the largest and fastest extractors on the market with up to 240+ lbs. per 8-hour shift. This robust system is poised to offer enhanced capabilities for hydrocarbon extraction, catering to the demands of commercial operators focusing on large-scale batch processing and extracting for the creation of direct-to-consumer products.

The addition of Agrify’s UL-compliant Explosion Proof (EXP) Rooms was, the Company believes, an ideal choice for Ocean Deep’s C1D1 extraction lab. Agrify’s safe and easy to install C1D1/C1D2 extraction rooms are designed to be easily set up in less than one day and are equipped with a PSI technical report certification for professional engineers to field verify in all 50 states.

These industry developments illustrate the continuous innovation and commitment to safety within the cannabis sector as Agrify adapts to expanding market demands.

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