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Brelixi Flavorless THC, CBD Powders

They can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees.

Brelixi Functional Cbd

Brelixi announced the launch of its flavorless + functional powders available in both THC and CBD formats.

The company said its nano powder can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees so it can be incorporated in various cuisines, cocktails, mocktails, coffees, or smoothies. They use nano-emulsification for optimized cannabinoid absorption and enhance them with adaptogen L-theanine, magnesium, and nootropic 5-HTP from griffonia seed extract.

"I designed our flavorless + functional powders to fill a gap I'd personally experienced in the market," says brelixi Founder and Chief Food Scientist Breanna Neff. "There's no other product that provides consumers speed, functionality, and seamless integration into daily rituals. Whether mixed into your morning coffee to soothe caffeine jitters, or infused into cookies for an elevated experience, our powders are designed for multifaceted consumption to ensure confidence and consistency in infused moments."

Brelixi's flavorless + functional fast-acting powders are housed in a durable, reusable, food grade compostable jar with a brushed gold top and sustainable bamboo scoop. Now available for one-time purchase, or in a monthly subscription for 15% off with free shipping, this refillable, eco-friendly subscription enables users to replenish their jars cost-effectively.

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