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Agrify Deploys Ethanol Cannabis Extraction Unit in New Jersey

The package includes a C-15 Centrifuge Ethanol Extractor, Solvent Recovery System and on-site training.

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Agrify, a provider of cultivation and extraction solutions for the cannabis industry, today announced the signing of an approximately $500,000 Turnkey Ethanol Extraction and Lab Equipment Package with Denver Cole Labs, a conditionally licensed New Jersey operator.

Precision Extraction’s Turnkey Ethanol Extraction and Lab Equipment Package is comprised of a C-15 Centrifuge Ethanol Extractor, Solvent Recovery System, Decarboxylation Package, Short Path Distillation Kit, and Expert On-Site training. Denver Cole has also elected Precision Extraction’s C1D1 Extraction Booth to safely manufacture products in their lab. In addition, Agrify’s EliteLab distillation control and tracking software will help manage and optimize the day-to-day operation of the G3X-R short path system.

“We are very excited to partner with Denver Cole Labs as our newest extraction installation in the state of New Jersey. Our growing partnerships in the Northeast and across the Country is a strong testimony to operators’ continued trust in Agrify’s team and technologies in the most competitive markets. This new state-of-the art deployment will allow Denver Cole to produce high quality ethanol extracts at scale with a focus on repeatability, ensuring consistent products every run,” said Raymond Chang, CEO and Chairman of Agrify.

Agrify’s technical and compliance experts were instrumental in selecting the equipment package under New Jersey regulations to meet the customer’s goals. The team will continue to assist Denver Cole through the preparation of construction documents set and fire reports under our Lab Design service offering.

“Denver Cole is excited to bring quality products made safe and pure to ‘The Garden State’ both in the lab and grow. We are focused on strategic partnerships and licensing to efficiently and selectively scale product development and distribution to meet market demand. Denver Cole believes in setting high standards in quality control to consistently deliver customer enjoyment,” said Ryan Goetzelman, Director of Production at Denver Cole. “Working with Agrify has worked seamlessly with Denver Cole’s mentality ‘to put quality in is to to get quality out’ for all aspects of the industry. The team at Agrify has the knowledge to bring you through to production, start to finish.” In addition to New Jersey, Denver Cole is currently a licensed operator in Michigan for both processing and grow and is looking for the right opportunity to expand to Illinois and other markets.

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