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One World Products Launches CBD-Infused Muscle Rub

It's a collaboration between Stephen Marley and NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas.

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One World Products

One World Products today introduced Pro-11, a CBD-enriched muscle rub, born from a collaboration between Kx Family Care, led by Stephen Marley, and OWP, under the stewardship of NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas.

Kx Family Care has also committed to a strategic investment of $400,000 in OWP, underscoring the shared vision between the two companies. The investment will be instrumental in expanding OWP's operations within the Bogota Free Trade Zone in Colombia and will enhance OWP's production capabilities, enabling the company to meet the growing demand for its products and solidify its position in the global market.

The Pro-11 muscle rub is crafted with athletes in mind and brings together the belief of Stephen's father, Bob Marley, who was a strong proponent of the cannabis plant's benefits, merged with Isiah Thomas's extensive experience as both a professional athlete and coach in one of the world's most demanding sports.

The partnership between OWP and Kx Family Care, co-founded by Stephen Marley and wellness entrepreneur Shelly O'Neill, has resulted in Pro-11, the embodiment of state-of-the-art natural wellness and sports performance. This top-tier muscle rub is infused with premium CBD, essential oils, and natural extracts, specially formulated to support the intense physical demands of active and professional lifestyles.

Pro-11 made a grand entrance at the NBA All-Star Weekend on February 18, 2024, and was showcased to NBA athletes to enhance their pre-game preparation and recovery. This premium muscle rub is formulated to provide rapid absorption, deep muscle penetration, and a non-greasy finish, delivering optimal support where and when it's needed most.

"Pro-11 is more than just a muscle rub; it's a fusion of science and nature, designed to elevate athletic performance and recovery," stated 12-time NBA All-Star Isiah Thomas, CEO and Chairman at One World Products. "Partnering with Kx Family Care has allowed us to create a product that not only addresses the therapeutic needs of professional athletes but also embodies our shared commitment to natural, health-forward solutions."

“My family’s foundation has always been rooted in the love of music, the use of healing herbs and playing sports!” stated Stephen Marley, founder of Kx Family Care. “To start a sports collection of truly natural and effective CBD products with a sports icon like Isiah Thomas is something remarkable. As a collective, we are a stronger force in the healing of all nations.”

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