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Gelato Canna Launches Soothe, Cannabis-Infused Balm

It's the company's first venture into the wellness space.

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Gelato Canna, a California-based manufacturer of cannabis consumer product goods, is set to debut Soothe, Cannabis Infused Releaf Balm, during Hall of Flowers cannabis trade show on March 13 and 14 in Ventura, CA. Soothe will be available throughout participating California dispensaries including Gelato’s namesake dispensary in Lake Elsinore.

Soothe is Gelato’s first venture into the wellness space. Having solidified itself in the cannabis industry as a go-to-brand for top-shelf products at a fair price, Gelato co-founder and CEO George Sadler noticed a gap in the market for those seeking THC infused products for topical relief from joint and muscle pain. Using plant-based ingredients like cannabis, camphor, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree and cedar wood oil, Soothe offers quick relief thanks to its powerfully potent active ingredients: 1000mg THC and 50mg CBD. 

“I’ve spent years looking for a product like Soothe,” said Sadler. “I live a very active lifestyle and tried so many different lotions and potions and was never able to find one that could really relieve my discomfort. Soothe will provide much-needed relief for so many people and I’m very proud to include Soothe in Gelato’s product lineup.”

Soothe can be used to treat muscle and joint discomfort, muscle strain and tension, post workout muscle soreness and menstrual cramps. Unlike other topical balms that contain hemp-derived THC, Soothe contains cannabis-derived THC which makes for a more concentrated, effective product. Using both THC and CBD allows for users to experience the full spectrum of cannabinoid benefits associated with the cannabis plant, otherwise known as the entourage effect. 

Soothe retails for $20 throughout participating California dispensaries. Each 2.8 oz jar contains 1000mg THC and 50mg CBD.

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