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LEEF Debuts CBD-Infused Honey

The company plans to use a portion of its ranch in Cuyama, California for bee farming.

Leef Honey Glow

LEEF Brands today announced the launch of Well-Kept CBD-Infused Honey.

The company plans to use a portion of its ranch in Cuyama, California for bee farming, which it said will help address the issue of declining honeybee populations while offering a unique product to their clientele.

"We look forward to further diversifying revenue streams and supporting sustainability efforts as we continue to build-out our 2,000 acre ranch. One of the ideas we are excited about is producing our own local honey through a large bee farm and selling this infused honey through our wellness client base we have been growing since the inception of LEEF Wellness and Paleo Paw brands. By integrating bee farming into our operations, LEEF will create a safe haven for bees amidst widespread pesticide use and GMO crops," said LEEF CEO Micah Anderson.

LEEF is a cannabis extraction and manufacturing company based in California, known for its vertical integration and status as one of the state's most advanced operators. Leveraging a supply chain, manufacturing techniques, and a diverse bulk concentrate portfolio, LEEF serves as the backbone for several brands in California, alongside their national CBD product line. This line is centered on licensing, developing, and consciously introducing health and wellness lifestyle products to the market.

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