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Plans Emerge for First Fully GMP-Compliant Pharmaceutical Cannabis Extraction Facility in the U.S.

This strategic move is in direct response to the anticipated rescheduling of marijuana.

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Prodigy Processing Solutions today announced its strategic partnership with Refined Processes, a Native American-owned cannabis oil processing company. This collaboration aims to establish what the companies are calling the first fully GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant pharmaceutical cannabis extraction facility in the United States.

Located on the Santa Ysabel Reservation in California, Refined is upgrading its operations to be FDA cGMP and EU GMP compliant for biotech and pharmaceutical research, development, manufacturing, production, and chemical separation of cannabis oil extracts. 

This strategic move is in direct response to the anticipated rescheduling of marijuana to a Schedule III controlled substance by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which will allow for interstate commerce of cannabis as an FDA-approved prescription drug and international distribution to nations that have legalized cannabis for medical or recreational purposes.

Refined is upgrading its existing processing lab with Prodigy’s advanced GMP-compliant extraction equipment to meet worldwide pharmaceutical standards. It is also in advanced negotiations with compounding pharmacies in the United States and distribution partners in the EU, Australia, and the Pacific Rim, poised to supply both precursor extracts and finished products under its retail brand, Sugar Bear Cannabis.

This partnership further cements Prodigy Processing Solutions as the leader in GMP-compliant life science technology for the cannabis extraction sector. Prodigy invites other tribes, cannabis labs, pharmaceutical, biotech, and life sciences companies to explore similar collaborations, leveraging collective expertise to elevate and service cannabis extraction operations worldwide. With a proven track record of innovation, compliance, and customer success, Prodigy is reshaping the cannabis industry by enhancing processing standards worldwide.

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