Real Brands to Acquire Assets of Boulder Botanical

The acquisition will include Boulder Botanical’s 27,000-square-foot R&D and production facility.
The acquisition will include Boulder Botanical’s 27,000-square-foot R&D and production facility.

Real Brands has signed a letter of intent (LOI) to acquire substantially all the assets of Boulder Botanicals & Biosciences Laboratories, a manufacturer of white-label and private-label CBD and non-CBD products.

The acquisition will include Boulder Botanical’s brands, IP, distribution and 27,000-square-foot R&D and production facility in Golden, Colorado. On April 22, 2022, Boulder Botanical became a subsidiary of Frankens Investment Fund, LLC. This proposed transaction remains subject to a definitive agreement and due diligence. A formal closing is expected within the next few weeks.

Since 2018, Boulder Botanical has designed cannabinoid formulations and provided white-label manufacturing services. The company has done original product development and research, consumer products, and fulfillment services for products distributed through retail channels including CVS, Sam’s Club, Target, Whole Foods, Safeway, Costco, 7-Eleven and Circle K.

The company's manufacturing platforms support multiple production lines for over 150 proprietary formulations spanning cosmetics, topicals, tablets, drink powders tinctures, ointments, gels, energy shots, roll-ons, supplements, and more. Boulder's in-house brands include APRA, SmartLeef, and dozens of white-label brands.

“The Boulder Botanical’s transaction will augment Real Brands’ existing portfolio of branded products and expand its distribution capabilities,” said Thom Kidrin, President & CEO of Real Brands Inc. “This deal will bring 150 proprietary formulations to Real Brands, and the R&D capabilities to create hundreds more. In addition, it should enlarge Real Brands’ distribution channels as we shift from primarily online sales via Real Brands’ own website and small, regionalized distributors to an existing national network with ready access to millions of potential consumers. This outstanding opportunity should enable Real Brands to capture an even larger market share of the booming CBD market, which Vantage Market Research expects to grow to $47.2 billion by 2028.”

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