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AVEO Vapor Granted Patents for Atomizer and Mouthpiece Design

The company said the technology is innovative in the production of dependable vape devices.

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AVEO Vapor

AVEO Vapor Devices, a manufacturer and supplier specializing in vape devices tailored for the cannabis industry, is pleased to announce the acquisition of licensing rights for two patents.

These patents pertain to a utility-capping mechanism that allows low-force mass-capping, using claw-like bars that lock into the center post or atomizer base. The technology is innovative in the production of dependable vape devices, and showcases AVEO's unwavering commitment to innovation. By securing these patents in both the United States and China, AVEO can also assure a consistent and dependable manufacturing process, in a market rife with instability.

"We firmly believe that our acquisition of licensing rights for US Patent No. 9,999,254 B2 marks a pivotal milestone for AVEO," stated Jonathan Carfield, Founder & CEO of AVEO. "This move reinforces the reliability and security of our supply chains, enabling us to fulfill the evolving demands of our esteemed clients and valued industry partners."

After years of research and development, AVEO utilizes this technology in the proprietary Easy Press Industrial and Luminous Series of 510-thread cartridges. With the legal awarding of US Patent No. 9,999,254 B2, this product line comes to the forefront in the global market. Simultaneously, AVEO's Chinese production facility has also secured licensing rights for the same technology, ensuring secure production and smooth export of AVEO's branded products.

With a strong presence in China and a deep understanding of manufacturing advancements, AVEO proudly carries the mantle of adopting evolving legal practices that enhance the safeguarding and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Mr. Carfield further explained, "In an era where businesses must adapt to the changing dynamics of China's manufacturing landscape, it is imperative to recognize the nation's commitment to shedding its former image as a hub for counterfeits and imitation factories. Neglecting this transformation could lead to disruptive factory closures and product seizures during export. As a strategic partner to our clients, I see it as my duty to not only provide dependable and reputable vape hardware but also to ensure the seamless delivery of products that sustain their ongoing business operations."

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