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Cannabis Industry’s First Artisan Dry Trimmer

It processes two-to-four pounds per hour.

The GreenBroz 215 Dry Trimmer.
The GreenBroz 215 Dry Trimmer.

GreenBroz (San Diego, CA) recently launched the cannabis industry’s first artisan dry trimmer, the GreenBroz 215 Dry Trimmer. 

The 215 Dry Trimmer:  

  • Processes 2-4 pounds per hour.
  • Weighs 41 pounds, 51 pounds with stand. 
  • Food-grade stainless steel and HDPE construction.
  • A whisper quiet motor.
  • A speed of 20 RPM.
  • Dimensions of 18.63" (W) x 24.12" (L) x 16.75" (H), 19" (W) x 25" (L) x 21.5" (H) with stand. 
  • Low power requirements - the ability to trim in remote locations.
  • Patented blade technology facilitates gentle small batch trimming - the flower rolls through the trim chamber without vertical drops or tumbles.
  • A forward/reverse switch.
  • An adjustable timer.
  • A brush arm inside the trim chamber.
  • Suitable for small- or medium-sized cultivation.
  • Produces uniform trim material.
  • Allows the operator to remain in control of the trimming process until desired trim is achieved.

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