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Cultivation Light Movers

Horizon Lift Light Movers take the light source to the canopy giving the grower the ability to lower, level and lift lights in seconds.

Horizon Lift

Horizon Lift Light Movers take the light source to the canopy giving the grower the ability to lower, level and lift lights in seconds, reduce energy cost, reduce labor time for light height adjustments and improve the growing output.

After spending more than 13 years in the light lifting category with our patented XRT Rope Light Hangers, we knew we had the experience and innovation to come up with the right solution, which today is known as our uniquely designed HORIZON LIFT Light Movers.

Do you want to achieve the perfect PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) at all stages of your grow cycle? If so, then adjusting and maintaining your light fixtures height to the canopy is the answer.  The proper positioning of your lights closer to the canopy will optimize your coverage while allowing you to hit your target PPFD for any cycle.  Horizon Lift Light Movers makes this process a whole lot easier. It takes just seconds to lower or lift your lights to the correct height and get more out of your lighting investment.

All growers know that the efficiency of the grow and the quality of what is harvested is dependent on how you control your plants environment and getting readings. But it’s also about how quickly you can adjust those readings to take your crop to the next level For example, LST (Leaf Surface Temperature) readings play an important part in controlling your plants health. Using Horizon Lift - Light Movers to be able to quickly adjust your lighting’s heat closer to or away from the canopy has now become as simple as pressing a button on your phone and puts the control back into the grower’s hands.

Adjusting lights by hand is time consuming and costly. It used to take hours to set up ladders to manually make weekly adjustments and to move lights out of your way for harvesting and room cleaning. Now it can be done in seconds! Using Horizon Lift Light Movers not only reduces the time it takes to adjust the height of your lights but also increases employee safety by eliminating the need for ladders. Horizon Lift Light Movers are easily operated via our mobile App, so it keeps your employees on the ground where everyone benefits. Another costing factor to consider is having to rebulb for HPS/CMH Lights. On average a grower can spend approximately 75% less time to change out bulbs.

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