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THC Remediation

In order to be compliant, THC levels must be reduced to less than 0.3%.

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Hemp extracts and distilled oils typically have THC levels between 2% and 4%. In order to be compliant, the THC levels must be reduced to less than 0.3%.

THC remediation is accomplished with reverse phase flash chromatography. Several models from bench top to industrial scale support this application.

The large touch screen interface displays all operating parameters of the method in progress. A UV detector detects the cannabinoids which are collected in 1 liter flasks or diverted to carboys beneath the instrument. Continuous operation is programmed using multiple cycles in the software.

Pilot and process scale instruments are built to specification and utilize hydraulic piston columns with inner diameters from 20 cm to 100 cm.

The output data is based on running 24 hours a day. The output oil is diluted in solvent which can be recovered. After solvent recovery the oil will have a THC content less than 0.3%

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