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WeedTube Appoints a New CEO

The platform was created by a group of content creators who were impacted by the YouTube "cannabis purge."

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WeedTube, a cannabis social media platform for legal cannabis consumers, has announced the election of Maggie Adair as the new Chief Executive Officer of the company.

With extensive knowledge and an impressive track record in the digital realm, Adair joins the evolving cannabis space with a background in communications and political management along with marketing and fundraising expertise. She will lead WeedTube forward in the ever-changing landscape of online communities and enable the company's mission of protecting content creators and users against unjust online censorship.

Since its launch in 2018, WeedTube has been a vital platform for legal cannabis consumers who seek a safe space to connect and share content without the fear of being censored. The platform was created by a group of content creators who were impacted by the YouTube "cannabis purge" that shut down accounts with cannabis-related content. The WeedTube team responded by creating an entirely new, video-based social network that embraces cannabis and provides a commercial-style advertising platform for cannabis businesses.

"We are thrilled to welcome Maggie Adair as our new CEO," said Arend Richard, Co-Founder of WeedTube. "With a passion for integrity and a commitment to serving the online cannabis community, WeedTube is thrilled to have Adair at the helm. Her leadership skills are sure to take WeedTube to the next level, cementing the platform's place as a leader in the marketplace."

As a graduate from George Washington University with degrees in Communications and Political Management, she began her career in the political realm of Washington D.C., working for top political officials in media, campaigns, and the tech field. Her depth and range of marketing, advertising, and fundraising expertise enable her to understand what the future will look like for online communities.

"I am beyond honored to be the new CEO of WeedTube and I can't wait to bring my diverse background to the table and continue driving change and progress in the digital world," said Maggie Adair, CEO of WeedTube. "The online landscape is constantly evolving, but with WeedTube at the forefront of the cannabis space, I'm confident that we have what it takes to make a real difference. Our platform is uniquely positioned to showcase the very best in cannabis content and connect with our online community in a meaningful way."

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