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California Loses Title as Country’s Biggest Legal Cannabis Market

The Golden State will have to settle for silver.

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The Golden State will have to settle for silver.

California was one of the first U.S. states to legalize recreational cannabis and for many years it was the biggest market in the country. But new data, obtained by SFGate, suggests that a different state has taken over the top spot.

Cannabis analytics firm BDSA’s new findings show that Michigan is now in first place. The company’s data shows that Michigan sold 22 million cannabis products in March, compared to 21.3 million sold in California. BDSA counts any individual package of cannabis, including flower or vape pens, as a single product.

As the report points out, BDSA puts together its product figures using point of sale data. The firm’s figures from earlier this year are reportedly the first time a state other than California has topped the list

However, California still brought in more sales revenue than Michigan despite the difference in product volume. According to the report, California recorded $1 billion in sales during the first three months of the year while Michigan recorded $786 million.

Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency reported more than $276 million in adult-use recreational cannabis product sales for April 2024. Flower accounted for nearly half of the total with $124 million in total sales, followed by vape cartridges, inhalable compound concentrates, and edibles.

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