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Fernway Expands Cannabis Vape Recycling Program

Fernway established its Recycling Program in July 2022.

Fernway Recycling Dropbox

Fernway announced its complete lineup of vape products is now recyclable. This includes its half-gram cartridges, full-gram cartridges, and Traveler all-in-one vapes. Customers can participate in the Fernway Recycling Program by depositing their finished Fernway vapes in branded Recycling Dropboxes installed in dozens of dispensaries across the state.

Fernway established its Recycling Program in July 2022 through a partnership with GAIACA, a provider of compliant solutions for cannabis waste. Though the partnership was initially focused on collecting the Traveler all-in-one vape, Fernway and GAIACA have now teamed up to expand Fernway's recycling program to include all Fernway vape products. Fernway said its Recycling Program is the only vape recycling option currently available in the Massachusetts cannabis market.

"We've been thrilled to watch customers enthusiastically recycle their Travelers, and making our hardware even more sustainable by expanding the Recycling Program is a significant next step," said Fernway CEO and co-founder Kit Gallant. "We custom-design our vape hardware to deliver a best-in-class cannabis experience. Now, that experience includes the ability to recycle our products easily once they are finished. Our customers can now enjoy a best-in-class cannabis experience while being environmentally conscious."

Anyone wishing to recycle their Fernway vapes can use the Store Locator tool on to locate the Fernway Recycling Dropbox locations near them.

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