Missouri’s Plain Packaging Rules for Cannabis Go Into Effect Soon

The rules are intended to make cannabis products less attractive to children.

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Missouri’s plain packaging rules for adult-use recreational cannabis products go into effect soon, making it one of the first states to require packaging that limits the appeal of cannabis products to children.

According to the Missouri Independent, the new rules take effect beginning July 30.

The state’s laws mandate that all cannabis products must be produced, packaged, and labeled in a manner that protects public health and is not attractive to children. The rules also say that no cannabis product or packaging may be “designed in such a way as to cause confusion between a marijuana product and any product not containing marijuana.”​​

“All marijuana product packaging design, including that for exit packaging, may only utilize — A. limited colors, including a primary color as well as up to two (2) logos or symbols of a different color or colors, whether images or text, including brand, licensee, or company logos, provided that the widest part of a logo or symbol is no wider than the length or height, whichever is greater, of the word “marijuana” on the packaging; B. a product name; C. text indicating side effects and behavioral effects of usage; D. A label required by this rule; and E. A QR code linking to a website where a purchaser can learn more about the product.”

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