Cannabist Company Sets Production Deal with Flower Brand Old Pal

The Cannabist Company will begin production in Maryland of Old Pal’s unique 14g Ready to Roll kit.

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Old Pal

The Cannabist Company announced today it is launching a partnership with Old Pal, a cannabis flower brand.

The collaboration will kick off with Old Pal and The Cannabist Company in Maryland and Virginia and will continue to roll out in additional states across its dispensary network in 2024, pending regulatory approval. Old Pal is currently available in more than 10 major markets and is positioned in the top 10% for brand awareness in the cannabis industry, as per the October 2023 Brand Performance Report by Pioneer Intelligence.

The Cannabist Company will begin production in Maryland of Old Pal’s unique 14g Ready to Roll kit, which includes classic pre-ground cannabis, hemp rolling papers, and crutches, packaged into a resealable pouch – everything you need to roll the perfect joint. The partnership will expand with the production of Old Pal’s 1g vapes and Palitos pre-roll packs, which contain 10 mini joints filled with 0.35g of premium cannabis.

“The Cannabist Company works extremely hard at meeting the needs of our patients and customers and answering a higher calling by providing the best possible products on our shelves. Forming meaningful partnerships with amazing companies like Old Pal helps us strengthen the entire cannabis industry and fulfill our promise to our communities across the country,” said Jesse Channon, The Cannabist Company’s Chief Commercial Officer. “The name says it all - ‘Old Pal’, a trusted brand consumers know, love, and can turn to when looking for good, quality cannabis at an affordable price. We feel very connected to their entire brand ethos, especially around accessibility, and can’t wait to bring it back to Maryland and then introduce this incredible product to more markets like Virginia.”

“We are stoked to kick off this collaboration with The Cannabist Company,” said Rusty Wilenkin, Old Pal Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “It's invigorating to partner with a multi-state operator that embraces the power of partnerships in the current state of the industry. Thanks to the Cannabist Company's brand expansion mindset, we can bring Old Pal's exceptional quality, legacy and shareable lifestyle to a broader consumer audience.”

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