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Anebulo Advances Work on Treatment for Acute Cannabinoid Intoxication

ANEB-001 is a small molecule cannabinoid receptor antagonist.

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Anebulo Pharmaceuticals, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel solutions for people suffering from acute cannabinoid intoxication (ACI) and substance addiction, today announced positive interim data from the first two cohorts of Part B of its ongoing Phase 2 clinical trial evaluating ANEB-001 as a treatment for ACI.

โ€œThese new Part B data showed that 10mg of ANEB-001 reversed key symptoms of ACI, comparing favorably to our Part A data showing similar effects with 50mg and 100mg. The 10mg data is even more impressive considering we doubled the THC challenge to 21mg in that cohort,โ€ said Simon Allen, Chief Executive Officer of Anebulo. โ€œUsing lower doses of ANEB-001 to reduce ACI symptoms should allow us to optimize tolerability, while providing an even more favorable cost of goods if ANEB-001 is approved. We are currently exploring the effects of delayed dosing to better understand real-world conditions. In this circumstance, we challenge subjects with THC one hour before administering ANEB-001. With no FDA approved therapeutic, ACI often requires lengthy emergency department stays with expensive follow-on interventions for neuropsychiatric complications such as anxiety and acute psychosis. We believe ANEB-001 will play a critical role in reducing the burden of ACI for the patient and the healthcare system.โ€

ANEB-001 is a small molecule cannabinoid receptor antagonist, to address the medical need for a specific antidote for ACI. ANEB-001 is an orally bioavailable, rapidly absorbed treatment candidate that the company anticipates will reverse the symptoms of ACI, in most cases within 1 hour of administration. ANEB-001 is protected by one issued patent and rights to one patent application covering various methods of use of the compound and delivery systems.

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