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Colorado Issues Safety Advisories for Veritas, Durango Production Batches

Part of the problem is improper testing.

Cannabis Recall

Colorado's Department of Revenue (DOR) Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) yesterday issued a pair of health and safety advisories stemming from potentially unsafe levels of total yeast and mold and aspergillus from a pair of operators.

The first notice was for potentially unsafe levels of total yeast and mold found on flower from Carrick-Harvest (doing business as Veritas Fine Cannabis).

The second advisory included MJ Durango (dba Durango Cannabis Company) due to potentially unsafe levels of total yeast and mold as well as aspergillus contamination in pre-rolls.

The DOR found batches of flower at Carrick-Harvest that contained total yeast and mold contamination above acceptable limits. The department also identified batches that underwent a separate decontamination process compared to their corresponding test batches (lab samples), which rendered the test results unreliable. As a result, all batches of Carrick-Harvest flower were deemed a potential threat to public health and safety.

The contaminated, untested and improperly tested batches were sold at stores across the state through March 14, 2023.

Carrick-Harvest customers should check labels for the following:

  • Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facility: 403-01381
    • All marijuana with a harvest batch number between the range of XXXH4-XXX through XXXH291-XX
  • Retail Marijuana Cultivation Facility: 403R-00063
    • All marijuana with a harvest batch number between XH275-XXX through XXH488-XXX
  • Retail Marijuana Cultivation Facility: 403R-00596
    • All marijuana with a harvest batch number between the range of XXXH3-XXX through XXXH291-XXX

At Durango, the DOR found batches of pre-rolls and infused pre-rolls that contained levels of contaminants above the acceptable limits for total yeast and mold and aspergillus. The investigation also identified production batches that were improperly submitted for testing.

As a precautionary measure, production batches created during that time are also included in the advisory.

MJ Durango recently initiated a voluntary recall for the affected batches. The contaminated and improperly tested batches were sold between October 19, 2022 and February 2, 2023 at approximately 30 stores across the state.

The recalled Durango batches include:

  • Retail Marijuana Cultivation Facility Licenses: 403R-00869
    • Product Name - Durango Fruitage
      • Contaminated Production Batches: Total Yeast and Mold and/or Aspergillus
        • #454-PR (Pre-roll) #454-BT (Blunt) #454-BB (Bubble Blunt)
    • Potentially Contaminated Production Batch
      • #454-BHP(Bubble Pre-roll)
    • Product Name - Legend of Magnum
      • Contaminated Production Batches: Aspergillus
      • #477-PR (Pre-roll)
    • Potentially Contaminated Production Batches:
      • #477-BT (Blunt)

Consumers who experience adverse health effects should seek medical attention immediately and report the event to the MED.

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