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Indigenous-Owned Hemp Company Canndigenous Launches THC Lineup

The launch of Canndigenous THC wellness gummies includes three flavors.

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Canndigenous, an independent Indigenous-owned hemp company based in Wisconsin, launched its first lineup of THC gummies with flavors including Mixed Berry (10mg Delta-9 THC and 10mg CBD) and Passion Fruit (12.5mg Delta-8 THC and 12.5mg CBD).

Canndigenous’ THC gummies, which are vegan and made with natural ingredients, are available online for nationwide delivery.

Founded by national cannabis advocate and Indigenous Cannabis Industry Association Founder Rob Pero (Bad River) in 2021, Canndigenous grows hemp on its Wisconsin-based, Indigenous-owned farm and also offers a curated selection of CBD-only flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, and more.

“We strive to do things, as the Ojibwe say, 'in a good way,'” said Pero. "All of Canndigenous’ hemp-derived CBD and THC products are produced with a commitment to natural, transparent, and sustainable practices. We’re proud to create wellness products that increase accessibility to hemp-derived cannabinoids, especially now with THC, and to make our own plant medicine widely available.”

The launch of Canndigenous THC wellness gummies includes three flavors, each with a 1:1 ratio of hemp-derived THC and CBD.

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