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Drug Testing Company Updates Tests to Detect Delta-8 THC, CBD

The expanded testing comes as alternative cannabinoids have become more widely available.

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Aegis Sciences, a health care testing lab based in Nashville, said it will be updating its urine testing for marijuana and other cannabinoids to include Delta‐8 Carboxy‐THC and Cannabidiol, in addition to Delta‐9 Carboxy‐THC.

Delta‐8 and delta‐9 THC are psychoactive cannabinoids that are subject to variable state and federal regulations. Cannabidiol is also a cannabinoid that is not known to be psychoactive. These cannabinoids are naturally occurring and can be found in many different products including, but not limited to, liquids used for electronic cigarettes (i.e., vapes) edibles, and drinks. While presumptive and definitive methods for identification of use of cannabis-derived products has primarily focused on detection of delta-9 Carboxy-THC, expanded methods to broaden identification of other cannabinoids used has become relevant as alternative cannabinoids have become more widely available.

“Our goal in expanding our definitive cannabinoid testing is to provide additional detail and insight for providers when these substances are detected,” said Dr. Josh Schrecker, Sr. Dir. Of Clinical Affairs at Aegis Sciences Corporation. “Although urinary concentrations of these markers do not provide absolute identification of the product used or its consistency, it will assist providers in identifying recent use of alternative cannabinoids to drive more informed assessment and discussion with those they treat.”

“Expanding our marijuana assay to include other cannabinoids demonstrates our commitment to providing the most relevant testing available to healthcare providers,” said Dr. Rebecca Heltsley, Senior Vice President, Research and Development at Aegis Sciences Corporation.

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