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HEMP BioSciences Receives Industrial Hemp Licenses from Arizona

It intends to expand into consumer packaged goods.

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WEED Inc., a global cannabis and hemp bioresearch company based in the U.S. focused on the development and application of cannabis–derived compounds for the treatment of human and animal diseases, said it intends to expand into consumer packaged goods using the company’s Landrace strains including Original Panama Red, Acapulco Gold, Red Bud Colombian and Santa Marta Gold.

“HEMP has been issued all required licenses for Industrial HEMP; Growing, Nursery, Harvester, Transporter and Processor licenses under Title 3-Chapter 2-Article 4.1 of The Arizona Department of Agriculture. With the renewal of our hemp licenses, we are now in the process of acquiring a cGMP certification to ensure the highest quality products, while protecting the public in this highly regulated industry. We believe HEMP’s CBD gummies, oils, cremes, tinctures, balms, both broad and full spectrum, will maximize the entourage effects under the strictest manufacturing processes globally," said Nicole Marie Breen, COO of HEMP BioSciences.

“Hemp is a botanical class of cannabis sativa cultivars belonging to the same plant species Cannabis Sativa L. Our hemp is carefully processed under supercritical CO2 extraction of hemp flowers. Our cGMP kitchen will provide a pure, clean complete extraction process that yields the maximum levels of hemp’s natural phenotypes with natural terpenes added for the perfect flavor and textures. This provides increased absorption, higher bioavailability and greater effectiveness for the consumer or patient," said HEMP BioSciences CEO Jeffery Miller.

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