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CanPay Adds Prepay Option for Cannabis Commerce Platform

The company's solution uses the Automated Clearing House network.

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CanPay has launched RemotePay, a new payments integration that allows consumers to prepay for their cannabis purchases when ordering online or through an app from participating dispensaries.

CanPay provides an app that allows consumers to pay for purchases at cannabis retailers with a simple debit from their checking account using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. Now, consumers will also be able to prepay for orders with CanPay on participating merchant's websites and apps, either through one-click payments or via guest checkout.  

CanPay is able to provide this online prepayment service because it uses the ACH network to enable legitimate and transparent purchases, as opposed to credit and debit cards which are prohibited for use in the cannabis industry.

With RemotePay, consumers get the experience of prepayment while merchants retain control over how much – and when – the purchase settles. Merchants can modify transaction amounts up or down, which is a common need in the cannabis industry between complexities around local taxes, additional merchant discounts and product changes in basket. Merchants will no longer need to cancel the order to modify it, and consumers will be able to change their orders after they've checked out to include more products.

FLUENT, a medical marijuana producer and dispensary with locations and local delivery across three states, offers RemotePay through its integration with I Heart Jane, an e-commerce solution for dispensaries.

With the integration to platforms like DispenseFirst, I Heart Jane and STRAIN, scores of dispensaries are already offering the benefits of RemotePay to their customers.

Merchants with a compliant bank account at a CanPay-approved financial institution may join the CanPay network quickly and easily. More than 1,100 participating dispensaries in over 30 states accept the mobile payment app.

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