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Precision X-Ray Unveils Next-Gen Cannabis Anti-Microbial Remediation System

SteriRadHD is engineered for the cannabis industry.

X Ray

Precision X-Ray unveiled SteriRadHD, a next-generation cannabis anti-microbial remediation system. Engineered for the cannabis industry, this state-of-the-art system offers the highest throughput to eradicate pathogenic microbes from harvested cannabis, setting a new global standard in cannabis remediation.

SteriRadHD addresses the growing needs of the cannabis market with its enhanced capacity, allowing cultivators to remediate large volumes of harvested cannabis and exceed stringent microbial testing regulations with unprecedented operational efficiency. SteriRadHD uses advanced X-Ray technology to purify cannabis from harmful pathogens, achieving an efficacy rate of up to 99.9%. Its optimized configuration ensures that the cannabis undergoes no heating, preserving the integrity of THC, terpene, and cannabinoids and maintaining the original appearance, texture, aroma, and medicinal properties of the buds.

"The launch of SteriRadHD marks a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing cannabis safety and quality," stated Bill McLaughlin, Director of Strategic Innovation. "Its unmatched throughput and unique features empower cannabis facilities to enhance operational efficiency in less time and without compromising results."

Experience the future of cannabis remediation with SteriRadHD—where cutting-edge science meets unparalleled quality at scale.

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