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Cannatrol Scores New Patents for Post-Harvest Cannabis Technology

Throughout drying, curing and storage, the environment will stay consistent.

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Cannatrol today announced the approval of two European patents for its Vaportrol Technology, protecting the proprietary technology throughout the European Union.

Cannatrol said its patented post-harvest technology can increase yields and curing efficiency, and delivers on average 16% higher terpene retention when compared to traditional drying and curing methods, according to independent testing by The Cannabis Research Coalition. Throughout drying, curing and storage, the environment will stay consistent and repeatable no matter the season, climate or geographic location.

“We have already seen exponential growth in the U.S. as commercial cultivators experience the benefits Cannatrol systems offer for their bottom line, overall efficiency and, most importantly, their product quality,” said Jane Sandelman, CEO and Co-Founder of Cannatrol. “Cultivators in the European Union will now be able to develop standard operating procedures that leave nothing to chance, producing flower that is never over-dried and has a longer shelf life.”

These patents extend beyond cannabis as Vaportrol Technology has been proven and use in the U.S. and European meat and cheese industries for years.

Cannatrol has held a U.S. patent since 2020 and began the process of obtaining European patents in January of 2019. All production will remain in the U.S., however, the patented Vaportrol Technology equipment will be shipped to eligible countries in the European Union.

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