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Thompson Duke Unveils Proprietary Pre-Roll Infusion Machines

The automated and semi-automated solutions infuse oil in pre-rolled cannabis products.

Last year, the U.S. cannabis market experienced a 59% increase in consumer sales of cannabis pre-rolled, ready-to-smoke joints.

In response, Thompson Duke Industrial, a company that specializes in cannabis oil vaporizer device filling and capping equipment, has created a new line of machines to infuse pre-rolled cannabis products. The Big JIM (Joint Infuser Machine) and Little JIM will be unveiled this week at MJBizCon 2022 held in Las Vegas.

Thompson Duke's (Booth #8437) custom oil dispensing solution for pre-roller machines feature both an automated (Big JIM) and semi-automated (Little JIM) solution. According to the company, the new JIM line of machines injects oil and extracts into pre-rolls quickly and efficiently.

The JIMs will improve and speed up the joint infusion process during manufacture, allowing machinery operators precise control over timing, volume and dispensing.

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