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NJ Dispensary Delayed Due to Parking Problems

It could be costing the dispensary a lot of business.

On April 21, New Jersey became the latest U.S. state to begin sales of adult recreational cannabis products.

But only 12 of the state’s 13 licensed dispensaries were open on April 21 when sales officially kicked off.

According to, Curaleaf in Edgewater Park needs a much bigger parking lot before it can join in on recreational sales.

The 8,000-square-foot facility currently uses only about one-quarter of its capacity for medical cannabis distribution.

To unlock the remaining capacity for recreational sales, Curaleaf needs to add a parking lot, outdoor lighting and drainage basins.

That’s according to the Edgewater Park Land Use Board, which approved the dispensary but is holding Curaleaf to the land use conditions.

The delay could be costing the dispensary a lot of business.

The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission said the state racked up $1.9 million in first day sales on recreational cannabis.

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