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Oregon Cannabis Farmers Object to New Mold Testing Rules

If the mold is detected, it triggers a recall.

An Oregon cannabis trade organization has formally objected to the state’s new rules around cannabis testing.

Earlier this year, Oregon health officials implemented new rules that require testing cannabis for a common mold called aspergillus.

According to Willamette Week, a cannabis industry group late last week asked a state appeals court to block the new rules until a pending judicial review takes place.

The filing said the rule “will force financial losses that will be immeasurable and will threaten permanent closure of their respective businesses.”

The rules require farmers and producers to test their cannabis for aspergillus. If the mold is detected, the cannabis would be recalled.

Representatives for the Oregon cannabis industry have argued that cannabis with aspergillus has not been tied to any illnesses or deaths.

According to the CDC, aspergillus can cause aspergillosis, which can be serious, although most people breathe in aspergillus everyday without getting sick.

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