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How to Monitor for Diseases & Pests in Cannabis Using IoT

Equipped with specialized software, IoT-connected cameras detect signs of pests or diseases, alerting cultivators.

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Diseases and pest control are essential in cannabis cultivation. In the age of technology, IoT devices assist cultivators in early detection and management of these threats, ensuring optimal yields and product quality.

Diseases or pests can compromise the cannabis plant's health, affecting growth and yield. Ensuring a disease-free and pest-free environment is vital.

What Are We Monitoring?

Cultivators track two primary metrics:

  • Pest Presence and Count: Identifying and quantifying pests.
    • Example: 5 aphids per plant.
  • Disease Symptoms and Severity: Observing visible disease signs and assessing impact.
    • Example: Mild powdery mildew on 10% of leaves.

Disease And Pest

Devices for Monitoring Diseases and Pest Control

  • IoT-Connected Cameras: Equipped with specialized software, they detect signs of pests or diseases, alerting cultivators.
  • Environmental Sensors: Monitor conditions like humidity and temperature, which influence disease and pest prevalence.
  • Automated Traps: IoT traps capture pests and provide data about the type and quantity, offering insights into potential infestations.

Interpreting Data

For cannabis, the environment plays a role in disease and pest prevalence. Optimal conditions reduce risks, and sudden changes in data might necessitate interventions.

Testing and Calibration

Regular cross-checks with manual inspections validate IoT findings. Calibration against known standards ensures consistent readings.

Using Data for Cultivation Decisions

Data helps cultivators adjust measures, from introducing beneficial insects to organic pesticides. It's also beneficial to consider this data alongside other factors, such as irrigation.

Effective monitoring is crucial for cannabis cultivation. IoT devices provide cultivators with the tools needed for successful, efficient cultivation, merging traditional knowledge with modern technology.

This article is part fifteen of an exclusive new series that will guide you through the essence of each of the fourteen pillars of plant care, focusing on indoor growth and revealing the nuances of how IoT can be a game-changer for cultivators.

Shawn Deggans owns Green Nanny, an IoT, AI and data consulting company focused on helping growers spend more time in the garden and less time struggling with technology.

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