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Juva Jumpstarts Cannabis Cultivation Facility in Calif.

Once all five rooms are functional, the company will harvest every twelve days with a combined annual output of 6,000 pounds of cannabis flower.

Juva Life

Juva Life is a California-based life sciences company focused on the research, development and commercialization of cannabis products. This week, the company started work at its commercial cannabis cultivation at its Stockton, California facility.

Following state licensing approval in January, and after 30 months of development effort, planting at the 30,000-sq-ft facility is currently underway.

To accelerate the first two harvests, VP of Horticulture, Thomas Leschak, and his cultivation team planted propagated cannabis clones provided by a third party. Future clones will be developed from Juva's large collection of proprietary genetic seed stock.

Harvested material will be dried within the facility using custom drying rooms. Upon reaching optimal moisture levels, the material will be moved to a dedicated trim area for processing and grading before moving to final curing.

The cultivation team anticipates each room to deliver a full harvest five times per year. The process began this week with the first of five flowering rooms fully planted.

Once all five rooms are functional, operational scheduling calls for a harvest every twelve days with an anticipated combined annual output of 6,000 pounds of high-quality cannabis flower.

Juva Life placed significant orders of growing medium, nutrients and fertilizers several months ago to ensure a stockpile was on hand and available for immediate use.

The company has also installed advanced onsite nutrient analysis and PH monitoring systems. Extensive monitoring and adaptive controls have been integrated to track feeding schedules based on temperatures, humidity, soil PH and related nutrient data to ensure environmental stability.

Filtered reverse osmosis systems treat condensate from HVAC systems to reduce water consumption, and the entire primary power system is provided by low emission natural gas-powered generators.

The power system is projected to reduce annual electrical costs by up to 50% and provide separation from the unreliable California power grid which faced multiple regional outages last year which could have resulted in costly crop failures.

The Stockton facility also includes a delivery, packaging, and distribution center.

The growing cannabis delivery fleet offers nearly 400 product SKU’s across San Joaquin County with expansion plans into the surrounding region later this year.

The distribution center will manage B2B shipments of bulk cannabis and future distribution of Juva branded products.

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