Phinest Cannabis Opens Tissue Culture and Nursery Facility

The facility enables a 30x increase in production capacity.
The facility enables a 30x increase in production capacity.

Green Stripes (Phinest Cannabis) announced the opening of a new 40,000-square-foot cannabis tissue culture and indoor nursery facility in Sacramento, CA to meet demand for pathogen-free cannabis nursery stock for the California cannabis industry. The new facility was built by GCI (Green Capital Investments).

The facility enables a 30x increase in production capacity from Phinest's original facility and incorporates updated design and construction. It is capable of producing up to 15 million fully rooted cannabis plants yearly. 

"The new facility represents the future of tissue culture nursery operations. It is purpose-built, creating an environment that supports high phytosanitary standards to deliver the healthiest and most vigorous plants to licensed California cultivators and retailers," said Fred Barnum, managing member at GCI.

The new facility includes space for tissue culture micropropagation production, rooting and hardening of plantlets, and research and development.

Phinest specializes in cannabis tissue culture micropropagation technology and cannabis genetics. The company said it has delivered millions of pathogen-free, true-to-type cannabis plants to California cannabis cultivators and retailers since 2018.

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