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Rx Green Technologies Launches Coco Grow Bags for Cannabis

No transplanting required.

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Rx Green Technologies

RX Green Technologies, a developer and manufacturer of cannabis cultivation nutrients, growing media, and services, today announces the launch of the newest product in its portfolio: Ready to Use (RTU) Coco Grow Bags. Available in both one- and two-gallon sizes, RTU bags deliver Rx Green's buffered coco in bags specifically designed to support healthy cannabis plant growth from clone to harvest, while also reducing time, labor and resources.

Rx Green's RTU bags come with a perforation along the top, allowing cultivators to simply rip off the top, roll the bag down a few times, plant their plants, water accordingly, and watch as they establish healthy roots and grow to their full height and canopy expression – no transplanting necessary. With a larger base and wide, six-inch gusset, RTU bags allow the plant's roots more room to wrap around the inside of the bag, creating additional support and stability. Small holes are strategically and evenly dispersed around the outside of the bag to deliver multi-directional drainage while eliminating puddles on the bag's sides and bottom. Additionally, the drainage holes come only partially punched – so the coco stays inside the bag during set up and placement, leaving teams with less mess to clean up.

Microperforations throughout the bags support breathability and oxygen flow to the roots, while the signature Rx Green "green" on the outside of the bags helps to shield what's inside the bag from intense lighting and other external factors to prevent algae or bacteria growth.

Like all of Rx Green's coco coir products, RTU bags come filled with OMRI-listed clean, buffered coco coir sourced only from RHP-certified sources. RTU bags are available in either 100% pure, buffered coco or in a 70/30 blend (70% coco coir, 30% coarse perlite); custom blends can be made available upon request.

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