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Cultivation Company Unveils Plan to Grow Fresh Food Next to Cannabis

It uses excess heat from the cultivation process to create a controlled environment for greenhouse agriculture.

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Cypress Brake Cannabis Company

Cypress Brake Cannabis Company and Delta One Brands are proud to announce the launch of its premium cannabis brand and cultivation facility in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. The company is on a mission to bring artisanal, award-winning cannabis products to the burgeoning medical cannabis industry of Mississippi.

Cypress Brake is pioneering a approach called Cann-Aquatic Regenerative Agriculture (CARA). This closed-loop system combines cannabis cultivation with aquaponics to produce nutrient-dense food with near-zero environmental impact. Fresh lettuce, celery, greens, herbs, tomatoes, and other produce will be grown adjacent to premium cannabis flower, helping to address food insecurity while conserving water and energy.

CARA's novel energy-saving system harnesses excess heat generated from the cultivation process to create a controlled environment for greenhouse agriculture that enables food production every month of the year. That means 12 months a year of fresh produce for the food insecure of the Mississippi Delta. 

"It's truly a dream come true to be able to produce all-natural medicine and freshly-grown produce in the heart of the Delta, a place with such a rich agricultural history and warm welcoming southern charm," said Marcus Holcomb, award-winning Master Cultivator at Cypress Brake. "Our passion has always been to cultivate the finest cannabis cultivars and work with the cannabis plant to unlock its boundless healing potential. Adding in the food and energy elements excites our team and everyone we talk to about the project."

With decades of combined cannabis industry experience, the Cypress Brake team brings a wealth of expertise in cultivation, extraction, marketing, and retail. Their state-of-the-art facility leverages cutting-edge technology like AI-enabled climate management and custom LED arrays to produce premium cannabis flower and chemical-free solventless extracts.

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