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AEssenseGrows Made a Player Piano for Plants

This system is designed to give you absolute control over the entire grow process.


AEssenseGrows is a company made up of "sensor geeks" who are bringing powerful technology into vertical farming, specifically automated aeroponic growing systems for high growth yields, safety and resource conservation. 

According to Chris Wrenn, Vice President of Americas Sales, the team at AEssense previously worked together designing gas and vapor detectors, such as the ones that keep people alive in hazardous materials response. The team took their sensor expertise and shifted it to keeping plants alive.  

In this exclusive interview with CEN, Wrenn discusses the AEssense systems, and how they use an array of pH, water level and water temperature sensors to balance nutrition, as well as CO2 and temperature and humidity sensors to maintain the atmosphere.  

According to the company, the system is designed to manage advanced hydroponic systems with precision sensor automation and accurate mechanical control timing.  

The system is so automated that Wrenn refers it as a "Player Piano for plants" that gives the user absolute control over the entire grow process, all in an effort to increase grams per square foot. 

The company's product line includes:  

  • The AEtrium-4 high yield blooming system.
  • The AEtrium 2.1 four layer cloning and vegging smart farm.
  • The Guardian Grow Manager software automation.

Cannabis Equipment News (CEN) was in San Jose, CA for the 6th Annual Cannabis Business Summit & Expo to speak with equipment manufacturers about new technology.

Cannabis Business Summit & Expo is presented by the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). More than 10,000 attendees visited 400 exhibitors and heard from 150 speakers at the show, and everyone was talking cannabis regulation, legalization and manufacturing.

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