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Delta-9 Gummies May Have Higher THC Levels than Dispensary Edibles

CBD Oracle commissioned InfiniteCAL Labs to conduct the testing.

CBD Oracle commissioned InfiniteCAL Labs to conduct the testing.
CBD Oracle commissioned InfiniteCAL Labs to conduct the testing.

A lab study from CBD Oracle, a cannabis consumer research company, has found that 34% of hemp delta-9 edibles contain too much THC to be sold in states like Colorado or California, some almost four times over the limit.

Due to the legal loophole they operate in, companies can sell high-THC products without safety testing (75% of products in lab study weren't tested for contaminants) and with no substantial age verification. The analysis of 53 products, representing 40% of all hemp delta-9 brands, revealed how easy it is to get high on hemp anywhere in the country.

CBD Oracle commissioned InfiniteCAL Labs to conduct the testing. The results show that while many products complied with the 0.3% THC limit imposed by the 2018 Farm Bill, 34% had so much THC that they wouldn't be allowed to be sold in dispensaries.

"In California, the maximum dose of THC dispensaries are allowed to sell is 10 mg per serving and 100 mg per package of edibles. Many of the hemp-derived delta-9 THC products we've tested have been formulated to have 15, 25, 100 mg per serving or more while staying below the 0.3% THC limit," Dr. Erik Paulson, Lab Manager at InfiniteCAL.

Additionally, there was no age verification (aside from pop-ups) in 85% of all purchases.

Mark Mellone, Chief Research Officer at CBD Oracle said, "Our investigation reveals an industry profiting from a legal loophole, offering gummies much stronger than dispensary edibles with barely a fraction of the oversight. We bought products online without ever proving our age and all but one was just dropped at the mailbox."

The US Cannabis Council's Chris Lindsey said, "Our concern is that someone could take such a product and be harmed by it, thinking it is similar to regulated cannabis products safely available through state cannabis licensing programs."

The report calls on legislators to bring in regulations for high-THC hemp products. In particular, establishing THC limits for hemp products and instituting age verification for every purchase is crucial. This would bring high-THC hemp's rules in line with those for cannabis in legal states, and bring an end to the current regulatory double standard.

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