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Cresco Labs’ SEED Initiative Companies Receive Illinois Dispensary Licenses

There are currently 110 dispensaries in operation in Illinois.

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Cresco Labs said Parkway Dispensary and Navāda Labs, both social equity groups supported by the company’s SEED initiative, received conditional adult-use dispensary licenses as part of the 185 new licenses recently issued by the state of Illinois.

“We’re thrilled for all new Illinois cannabis business owners who finally have the opportunity to get their businesses up and running. We’re also incredibly proud of our Cresco Labs team members who—through our SEED Community Business Incubator—assisted social equity groups with their license applications,” said Charlie Bachtell, CEO and Co-Founder of Cresco Labs. “The issuance of an additional 185 retail licenses is the result of years of hard work and patience and marks a game-changing moment for inclusiveness and social justice in cannabis. We see this milestone as a win-win-win: it’s a historic initiative in furtherance of diversifying the cannabis industry, it provides more customers with access to trusted, safe, top quality cannabis products, and it’s a terrific catalyst for the continued growth of this very important and powerful economic engine and job creator in Illinois.”

There are currently 110 dispensaries in operation in Illinois. After a year and a half of delays, the state began issuing conditional adult-use dispensary licenses on July 22 to social equity applicants under the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act. The new licenses will more than double the number of statewide dispensaries.

SEED’s Community Business Incubator will continue to provide essential services and support to Parkway Dispensary, Navāda Labs and all other social equity groups issued dispensary and craft grow licenses by the state. Through Cresco’s Illinois Cannabis Education Center, the Company’s SEED team will regularly host seminars, workshops and networking events with subject matter experts from the organization and community partners to assist social equity groups with refinement and enactment of business plans, site construction and initial launch operations.

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