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Allied Ships 1,728 kg of Colombian-Grown Cannabis to Switzerland

The company is the first to successfully ship commercial cannabis flower from Colombia to an international market.


As a part of the previously announced export approval of 7,100 kg of Colombia-grown cannabis, Allied today shipped 1,728 kg to Switzerland. This will be followed by 1,500 kg weekly until the 7,100 kg threshold is met.

On April 01, 2022, Colombia enacted the new legislation allowing for the legal export of dried cannabis produced in Colombia and Allied immediately submitted several applications for export.

After many levels of regulatory inspections, analyses, discussions and questions, Allied’s first export was shipped in June 2022, second shipment in July 2022 and now this large recurring shipment as of August 2022.

After a rigorous analysis, the most efficient and economical air shipment quantity was determined to be approximately 1,500 kg.

Allied has multiple strains in the production pipeline, including more than 15,000 THC plants created for multiple batches to fulfill its 2022 quota, according to the company.

The Allied THC flower harvest will be available for sale in or around September 2022.

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