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Petalfast Launches Second Selling Division

The company expects to launch its new, twelve-person selling division in California this summer.

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Petalfast, a route-through-market platform for the cannabis industry, announced the launch of its second selling division in California to service heightened demand in the state’s market. The first to scale in this manner, the Company is focused on growth to help service its breadth of high-quality cannabis brands offered across the state and nationwide.

Petalfast’s expansion is a representation of the increased need for a national distribution partner, as many cannabis brands shift from a one-state to a multistate approach. The company expects to launch its new, twelve-person selling division in California this summer, while continuing to add more premium brands to its portfolio across the country.

“In order to scale and attract industry-leading brands, we are excited to implement our second selling division,” said Jason Vegotsky, CEO of Petalfast. “This distribution strategy has been a successful staple in alcohol beverage, and we look forward to spearheading its application in cannabis. Petalfast has always helped companies overcome the unique barriers of our industry, and this move allows us to get even more products well-positioned so consumers can learn about and connect with the best brands.”

The announcement comes amidst significant growth for Petalfast, which recently expanded into the Massachusetts and Arizona markets, as well as announced new partnerships in 2023 with American Weed Co., Emerald Sun, FIND WUNDER, Freshly Baked, HighTide, Old Pal, Sip Elixirs, Solis and Yummi Karma. Since its 2020 founding, Petalfast has built a diverse portfolio of high-profile cannabis brands to highlight the most creative product offerings and help both emerging and growing brands sell into and through retail channels in competitive markets. The Company’s collaborative platform approach to distribution and field marketing is a key differentiator, significantly changing how cannabis brands can launch, scale and establish themselves in select markets.

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