Petalfast Partners with Revelry Herb

It's a new brand from Revelry Supply, creator of a line of smell-proof luggage.

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Petalfast, a national sales, marketing and distribution platform for the cannabis industry, announced its partnership with Revelry Herb Co., a flower and pre-roll brand launched by the creators of Revelry Supply, a line of smell-proof luggage and accessories designed for cannabis consumers. Revelry joins a growing portfolio of cannabis brands represented by Petalfast throughout California and nationwide.

“Revelry is an established force in the cannabis accessory and smell-proof bag market,” said Jason Vegotsky, CEO of Petalfast. “Their authentic story, passion and clear understanding of the modern consumer make them well-positioned for growth in California and throughout the nation. We are excited for the opportunity to bring Revelry’s cannabis line to more retail locations and expand their customer base.” 

The Revelry product lineup includes trains such as Mint Sorbet, Blackberry Lemonade and Golden Oreoz are available in 3.5G flower pouches, 1G prerolls, and a 0.5G preroll 14-pack. Revelry’s newest product drop includes a 0.5G preroll 5-pack made with whole ground flower and infused with THCA diamonds, cured resin and kief — offering the most heightened smoking experience of all their products.

“Revelry is on a mission to create a community of “off the clock” adventures who use cannabis to enhance their daily routines,” said Eric Hammond, President of Revelry. “With Petalfast’s support, we can continue expanding our community and bringing our attainable, high-quality flower products to more consumers.” 

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