Theory Wellness Opening 'World's First' Cannabis Beverage Outlet

The new store opening comes just weeks after the company transitioned 100% ownership to its staff.

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Theory Wellness

Theory Wellness will open its flagship dispensary in Medford along with what it's calling the world’s first-ever beverage dispensary. 

The new store opening comes just weeks after the company announced that it has transitioned 100% ownership to its staff, making Theory the first employee-owned cannabis company in the Commonwealth and the largest in the country. Their new store in Medford will become Boston’s first employee-owned dispensary. 

Theory is also opening the world’s only cannabis beverage outlet located in the same building complex. As a rapidly growing category in cannabis, this beverage outlet will be focused on providing the largest selection of cannabis beverages at wholesale prices.

"We had a truly exciting end to the year, both with our transition to becoming employee-owned, and now with the opening of our flagship store and beverage outlet in Medford," shared Brandon Pollock, co-founder and CEO. "It's been a rewarding journey, and our team has done an incredible job getting us here."

Theory had also donated nearly 10,000 square feet of space adjacent to its dispensary to the Arts Collaborative Medford. This community-based non-profit had been seeking a space for nearly a decade before Theory offered to donate part of its building and construct a brand-new arts center. “We are excited to be able to offer this space and support the local artist community,” said Nick Friedman, Theory’s co-founder and CSO.

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