LeafLink Establishes Discount Program for New York Cannabis Retailers

The partnership will establish a cash-back rewards program for NYCRA members.

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LeafLink, a wholesale cannabis marketplace, announced a partnership with the New York Cannabis Retail Association (NYCRA), a retail trade group in the New York cannabis market. This newly formed partnership will help New York operators lower costs for using LeafLink while improving business processes for retailers and sellers who are part of NYCRA. The partnership will establish a cash-back rewards program for NYCRA members and provide discounts and increase advertising opportunities for sellers.

Currently, NYCRA’s 230 members have access to a channel on Discord where cannabis operators working on every aspect of the business interact and communicate directly with each other to build and form working relationships. By working with LeafLink, retailers and brands will now have a secure, trustworthy platform to build on those established relationships with the ability to place and track orders, make payments, track sales data, and monitor their business. Through the partnership, for brands seeking to sell to retailers and are already participating on the NYCRA Discord channel, LeafLink will offer a 10% discount on annual contracts to access LeafLink and the retailer market it provides, and along with advertising incentives.

Additionally, LeafLink Payment Solutions provides retailers with a convenient and cost-free method to directly pay their vendors through the marketplace, making it possible for brands and retailers to exchange products and payments for them in a way that’s secure, compliant, efficient, and at a lower cost than all-too-prevalent cash transactions. Through the partnership, LeafLink will offer NYCRA retail members the opportunity to earn additional cash back for all 2024 wholesale purchases paid through LeafLink’s Payment Solutions.

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