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Magic Cactus Boosts Distribution for THC Beverages

The drinks feature hemp-derived cannabinoids.

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Magic Cactus

Magic Cactus launched initially as a direct-to-consumer offering back in October of 2023 and has since made initial entry into retail via a soft launch as of January 2024 in partnership with independent retailers across several states. By mid-February, both of the company's SKUs were Top 10 selling products on AirGoods, a wholesale beverage platform where independent retailers can purchase directly from beverage brands. The beverage brand has also announced a distribution partnership with Hi Touch Distribution, a natural product distributor serving premier Southern California retailers such as Whole Foods, Erewhon, Lazy Acres, and more.

The product is currently available online for $54 for a 12-pack and $99 for a 24-pack. The site recently sold out of all products and will be restocking at the end of March 2024. In addition to its current offering, Magic Cactus will also be available at retail via 4-packs

Consumers can currently enjoy two initial varietals: Watermelon Hibiscus & Lavender Raspberry, with a third flavor launching March 2024.

"Magic Cactus was born with one simple focus: to create a drinking experience that combines the elements that we love about both alcohol and cannabis and drop the elements that we hate about each," said Founder Jonny Locarni. "We love alcohol in the moment, but hate what's to come for the next 24-48 hours thereafter and hate the toll it takes on our brain and bodies in the longer term. We also loved the idea of replacing alcohol with a healthier alternative, but felt that the majority of cannabis products on the market are unpredictable, unapproachable, and inconsistent. This is why Magic Cactus was created."

Every can of Magic Cactus has a sparkling prickly pear cactus water base with added potassium, magnesium, l-theanine and a combination of the following hemp-derived cannabinoids: THCV, CBD, and a microdose of Delta-9 THC. The end product is designed to mirror the effects of a single alcoholic beverage without sacrificing function.

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